TikTok of Weepy RN (Biden Voter?) Speaking About Struggling in Biden’s CRAP Financial system Goes Viral (Watch) – Twitchy

A TikTok video of an RN crying about how a lot her household is struggling financially goes viral.

She’s SO CLOSE to figuring it out. Sadly, she finally admits she’s ‘not into politics’ after crying fairly passionately about her household’s financial scenario which tells us how she probably voted.

Whenever you’re not knowledgeable you make unhealthy decisions once you vote. It is so simple as that.


To be honest, we won’t assist however really feel just a little sorry for her as a result of that is completely a actuality for a lot of many many Individuals on this crap financial system underneath this crap president and his crap administration. 

Then once more … 

You NEED to listen to about politics as a result of finally you get what you vote for. When you do not wish to hear about issues that affect your life, particularly financially, when issues find yourself sucking financially since you DIDN’T wish to hear about it, that is on you.

Sorry, sweetpea.

That is probably the unlucky actuality … possibly she’ll determine it out this time although?

Or not.

Ding ding ding.

Really helpful

Chocolate chocolate chip is Joe’s FAVORITE.



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